This book is written as a story told by my older self to my younger self, a story I wish I had heard much earlier in life than I did.

That story is one of a journey, the journey from distraction to composure through the practice of calm abiding, and from unknowing to awareness through the practice of insight. In the course of that journey, both the first and second persons are quietly and gently transformed by the experience. Along the way, questions of both "being" and "knowing" arise and play out with intricacy and delicacy.

For the general reader, the key to reading this book is to recognize that it is, as it announces itself to be, a work of fiction. Read the story that unfolds for its two characters without mistaking either of them for yourself.

For readers already in search of what the book has to say, it offers a path of practice leading to liberation and compassion should they care to engage with it.

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