The Veil of Entanglement:

Calm Abiding and Insight Practice -
An Account of a Journey

Everything you know, feel, think, dream, remember, fear, and hope for is made that way by your mind. Your entanglement in the subjective experience concocted by mind rules your conduct and obscures your true nature. Your being is subjugated to the reality imposed upon it by mind. In this condition, you are anything but free.

Your liberation from this predicament, the freedom to live as who you truly are, depends upon coming face-to-face with the true nature of your mind. Ancient traditions of calm-abiding concentration practice prepare your mind for insight. The subsequent insight practices reveal to you in your own direct experience the qualities of mind that will first undo and then remake your world. As the veil of entanglement parts, everything will be just as it has always been, but you will be living at last from the ground of being. Your freedom will save your life and create the opportunity for you to become an agent of compassionate conduct in this broken world.

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